Dr. Michael K. Janssen is an associate professor of mathematics. He earned an undergraduate degree in mathematics and physics from the University of South Dakota, and a master's and Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, where he studied commutative algebra and algebraic geometry under the direction of Dr. Brian Harbourne.

Mike has a variety of personal and professional interests. Professionally, he is interested in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry. He has also recently become interested in questions related to tropical algebra and geometry.

However, most of his professional time is spent thinking about teaching and learning. He has taught across the math major and into statistics. He is also a passionate practitioner of inquiry-based learning and mastery grading (about which he has spoken and led workshops at national meetings). He is also interested in employing open educational resources whenever possible. His book, Rings with Inquiry, was born out of a desire for an open, rings-first, inquiry-oriented resource for abstract algebra.

Personally, he has recently taken up running (three half-marathons in 2020, with a full marathon planned for 2021), and enjoys brewing beer, playing board games with his family and friends, and chasing his young children around the yard (or house, as the Iowa winters dictate).

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