Introducing students to $\LaTeX$

It’s spring, which means I am teaching our transition to proof course, Discrete Structures for the (checks notes) seventh time. Starting the second time, I decided to ask the students to learn to write their homework in $\LaTeX$. This has been largely successful, though I’ve had to do a bit of work to get buy-in (though the existence of free, cloud-based tools like Overleaf certainly helps). You can read my rationale in the assignment that introduces it (which, for any students reading this, is due today!).

Download the PDF or $\LaTeX$ file below.

Intro to $\LaTeX$ (.tex) | Intro to $\LaTeX$ (.pdf)

Mike Janssen, Ph.D.
Mike Janssen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Mathematics

My research interests include commutative algebra, the use and creation of open course materials, inquiry in the mathematics classroom, alternative assessment methods, and increasing justice, equity, and inclusion in the mathematics classroom.