Rings With Inquiry, Fall 2020 Edition

Mike Janssen
Mike Janssen
Rings With Inquiry, Fall 2020 Edition

It's alive!

The Fall 2020 Beta Edition of Rings with Inquiry is available at https://ringswithinquiry.org. At this point, no substantial changes are planned for public release until summer 2021.

If you are considering adopting the text for your own course, I will have a PDF of the solutions to share by (hopefully) mid-August. There are 30+ new and updated theorems and exercises that need solutions; I am chipping away as I am able amidst readying my other two courses for flex learning this fall. To be clear, I'll be using this text for my fall modern algebra course, so feel free to reach out if you are also using it, and we can compare notes as we progress.

In the future, I hope to expand the text by adding things like additional optional exercises and SageMath cell integration where appropriate; a larger set of dreams can be found in the Note to Instructors.

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