September 6, 2019


In which I explain what we are doing here


Everything is fine.

I'm an associate professor of mathematics at Dordt University. I enjoy thinking about mathematical problems, puzzles, and how to share the joy of mathematics with my students. You can find my full CV here.

My undergraduate degree in mathematics and physics is from The University of South Dakota, and my Ph.D. in mathematics is from The University of Nebraska at Lincoln. I'm interested in problems in commutative algebra, especially when they intersect with questions from discrete mathematics and geometry.

As befits my role at Dordt, I spend most of my professional life thinking about teaching. I value active learning in my classes and open educational resources whenever I can find them. I've also been active in the mastery grading community. I intend to use this site as an avenue for working through some of these thoughts, as well as sharing the fruits of some of these labors.

You can reach me via: