About Me

I live in Sioux Center, IA, with my wife, daughter, son, and cat. My wife says that I can make anything nerdy, which I take as a badge of honor. My nerdy hobbies include:

Distance running

In November 2019 I decided to go for a run. I couldn’t walk the next day, but I was hooked. As of the end of 2023, I’ve run eight half marathons and three marathons1. I’m aiming to return to Grandma’s Marathon in 2024.

Tabletop gaming

I’ve played board games with my wife and friends for years, but recently jumped into the deep end of modern hobbyist gaming. My current favorites are Terraforming Mars, anything by Splotter, and the genre of 18xx train games.

Past hobbies

In grad school, I got into homebrewing beer. I’ll still occasionally get the itch to make something, but finding time has been a challenge.


  1. I’ve registered for two other marathons and had them canceled the morning they were to take place, so beware if we are planning to run the same race!↩︎